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6/12/2017 6:00 PM

 (Left to right): Sonia Pagura – Sr. Director Quality, Safety and Performance; Adrienne Zarem – Family Leader; Nicholas Joachimides – Manager of Patient Safety; Elena Garisto – Quality Coordinator; Laura Oxenham-Murphy – Manager of Quality; Julia Hanigsberg – President & CEO; Diane Savage – VP, Programs & Services; and Alifa Khan – Family Leader

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital received honourable mention for the 2017 Patient Safety Champion Award for organizations. Presented annually by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, HealthCareCAN, and Patients for Patient Safety Canada, the Patient Safety Champion Award recognizes volunteers and organizations that are taking a leadership role in ensuring that clients and families are at the centre of patient safety initiatives.

At Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, it goes without saying that clients and families are partners in care and decision-making. The hospital's Quality, Safety and Performance (QSP) team is no exception, partnering deeply with clients and families to advance quality and safety. Their resolve was twofold. Firstly, to exceed compliance with Accreditation Canada's client and family centred care (CFCC) standards, an integral component of the Qmentum accreditation program. CFCC is an approach that fosters respectful, compassionate, culturally appropriate, and competent care that responds to the needs, values, beliefs, and preferences of clients and their family members. Secondly, to partner with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute to update and contribute to existing learning modules in the Patient Safety Education Program (PSEP – Canada). This partnership was anchored in the belief that providing knowledge and skills would ensure that clients and families felt better prepared to contribute to patient safety initiatives.

Holland Bloorview has developed an innovative and original framework that fully integrates 17 family and youth leaders into its Accreditation Steering Committees and working groups across the hospital to drive improvement. The Family Leader Accreditation Group (FLAG) is a formalized committee where staff and family leaders are partnered as equal members on six accreditation teams who meet, update and share quality and safety initiatives. The FLAG model provides the opportunity for patients and families to share their insights, expertise and lived experiences in patient safety. This perspective allows for healthcare providers to recognize and identify safety improvement standards and services that can be made in alignment with clients and families.

To ensure FLAG members and staff were prepared and successful in the accreditation partnership, the QSP team provided both groups with tools and training. Toolkits were developed outlining the purpose of the partnership and highlighting everyone's roles and responsibilities to ensure staff and families worked together cohesively.  In addition, Holland Bloorview provided multiple orientation and training sessions to staff and family leaders on how to effectively engage and partner within their accreditation teams. This included supporting the staff leads in providing the right type of background information about quality and safety processes, tips on hosting meetings with families, and opportunities for ideas to be generated. Both the toolkit and orientation prepared families so that they could meaningfully participate and engage when it came time for accreditation team discussions and decision-making.

The QSP team also worked with its family leaders and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute to update and contribute to existing PSEP – Canada learning modules to integrate client and family centred care into its framework.  A new module was collaboratively developed to reflect the client and family perspective and teach clients and families how to partner effectively with clinicians. Holland Bloorview then trained its 17 family and youth leaders in a modified PSEP – Canada certification program, who in turn have trained some 15 staff members who lead the accreditation teams. Over the next two years, plans are in place for FLAG to train more than 200 parents, youth and children who volunteer to advance quality and safety in pediatric rehabilitation at Holland Bloorview.

Holland Bloorview is now working with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Patients for Patients Safety Canada to together deliver the first-ever family, patient and youth leadership training across Canada. The PSEP – Canada Become a Patient and Family Leader Patient Safety Trainer Course will be held November 17 and 18, in Toronto.

Sonia Pagura, Senior Director of Quality, Safety and Performance, was the visionary leader behind both initiatives. "Having a dyad approach of both parties in it together in ways of mutual and equal understanding in this language of quality and safety is the richness and what allows for those meaningful outputs and outcomes," says Sonia Pagura. "Our family leaders have experienced a change in their own conversations and the ways that they emerge, and recognize that this is an incredible model that should continue on. It is so amazing for us as an organization, knowing that this initiative was meaningful and certainly impactful."

Holland Bloorview's leadership and partnerships, in combination with its dedication to client and family centred care is building capacity amongst clients and families and provides a foundation that other organizations, sectors and health systems can model in their approach to improve, transform and provide quality and safe care. Their work has informed the hospital's strategic plan that includes a commitment to evolving and growing client-centred quality and safety, which supports and augments the organization's vision of patient safety going forward.

"We have made a great impact on the system in terms of conversations of what this partnership looks like from a client and family leader perspective and how  you can harness that energy and desire of people wanting to contribute, to building a system that provides for high outcomes," says Sonia Pagura. "Our President and CEO, Julia Hanigsberg, has a blog that talks about accreditation not being an event, but a journey; it speaks to the strength of leadership. None of this could have occurred without the senior leadership of the organization being innovative and courageous, believing in it, supporting it financially, providing resources and education, walking the talk and speaking the language of why this was so important."

The Patient Safety Champion Awards is pleased to recognize the Quality, Safety and Performance team at Holland Bloorview for its unwavering commitment to client and family centred care.