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CPSI Share                                                    
4/10/2018 6:00 PM

Four years after the Medication Safety Summit, the Medication Safety Action Plan is 100% complete. All partners, stakeholders, teams, and patient volunteers made immense contributions to achieving the collective goal of accelerating improvements in medication safety in the theme areas of reporting/learning/sharing, evidence informed practices, partnering with patients and technology. The Leads Group provided steady guidance, leadership and determination as the action plan was implemented with purpose. Given our collective success and the need to maintain momentum in advancing medication safety, the following initiatives will continue over the next year:

  • Increasing spread and uptake of the 5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications tool to further integrate into medication safety practice and education in the health system
  • Continue integrating opioid safety tools and resources into practice to empower patients to increase their knowledge about the use of opioids and prevention of harm
  • Continuing the bi-monthly Med Safety Exchange Webinar Series that focuses on sharing and learning from recommendations from medication incident reporting systems

These initiatives in addition to new projects including an upcoming CPSI Safety Improvement Project on medication safety at transitions of care will align and support the World Health Organization's 3rd Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute would like to sincerely thank the Leads Group, all partners, stakeholders, patient volunteers and action teams for their excellent work and support through the progress of the Action Plan. Medication safety will continue to be a priority in patient safety and Canadian healthcare and partnerships will continue to be necessary advance this important work.