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9/26/2020 6:00 AM

Chris Power, CEO of CPSIAs you may know, I am retiring at the end of this month.

Six years ago, I was invited to lead an organization that was founded on one guiding principle: we will not accept one more case of a patient being harmed.

I saw a history of national leadership on developing evidence-based tools, of resources intended to educate and inspire safe care… most importantly, in partnership with patients themselves. I saw a groundwork laid for concerted and coordinated patient safety improvement in Canada.

This inspired me. Every patient experience should be safe.

However, patient safety incidents are the third leading cause of death in Canada. Most people – though fewer today than there were last year – are unaware that the problem exists.

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved at CPSI. Together, we built a new strategy on the ideas of demonstrating what works and strengthening commitment to harm prevention. We have extended those ideas by engaging both the public and policymakers into making Canadian healthcare safe, while making sure there is a patient voice at every table.

Reflected right in the name of our strategy, we emphasized PATIENT SAFETY RIGHT NOW.

Every day, we worked to implement and spread sustainable patient safety improvements. We requested a higher priority for patient safety in our healthcare systems. We committed to influencing policy, regulations, and standards to ensure evidence-based patient safety practices are requirements, not afterthoughts.

I know that our achievements would not have been attainable if it were not for the exceptional staff, leaders, partners and the patient voice working along side us to inspire safer care.

When I reflect upon my time with this wonderful organization, I firmly believe that our legacy is the success we have achieved in building the foundational elements for patient safety. The pending amalgamation of CPSI and CFHI will create the scale, breadth, and capabilities to more effectively improve healthcare for everyone in Canada.

This amalgamation – along with the momentum we have built together – presents an opportunity like no other for the future. Without question, we all still have work to do, and we can do it far more effectively together.

I have enjoyed an incredible journey with CPSI and will forever be a champion of patient safety. I have learned so much from you, my team at CPSI, and so many others around the world. I hope that the work that we have accomplished together will forge safer healthcare for all in the future.

Without a doubt, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has achieved what it set out to do. By trying new approaches, focusing on our strengths, and working together, the new organization can and will make the Canadian healthcare system safer for all health workers and patients.

Push hard, be bold, and know that I am cheering you on.

My inbox is open to you until October 1 at, and you can follow me on Twitter @ChrisPowerCPSI – though I can't promise I will be updating it regularly.

As I take on this new adventure, I simply want to say thank you to each and every one of you so much for your support, for being part of my journey.

I remain…

Yours in patient safety,

Chris Power