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5/11/2020 5:00 AM

Clean hands have never mattered moreThis was the best STOP! Clean Your Hands Day to date in terms of social media engagement.  The hashtag #stopcleanyourhands had 7.822 million Twitter impressions. This is not only the best SCYHD use of a hashtag, this is CPSI's best day ever for use of a hashtag.

Government Relations on Social Media

There was no shortage of government relations supporting STOP! Clean Your Hands Day from all levels of government, Federal, Provincial and Municipal.  The hashtag #stopcleanyourhands had the highest government use in CPSI's event history.

Campaign Participation

Over 2,200 people in Canada completed the Clean Hand Self-Assessment to ensure they are cleaning their hands properly to protect themselves and their loved ones from infections. Plus, 403 people in Canada pledged clean hands to tell the world they are committed to cleaning their hands.  Plus we had a tremendous amount of people accessing hand hygiene resources from CPSI to help people keep themselves and others safe. 


  • 47 online publications, with a total reach of around 13M mentioning STOP! Clean Your Hands Day
  • A mention on CTV News at 5 in Montreal and a story on CHCH Hamilton, for a 2.8M person reach (broadcast/online)
  • Over 300 social media references to @patient_safety, with the highest reach accounts including Timothy Caulfield, Canadian Nurses Association and the Durham District School Board.  
In addition, Dr. Theresa Tam took time in her daily update to speak about STOP! Clean Your Hands Day.  This is a GR activity that came to light in the media. Watch a broadcast link picked up by CHCH in Hamilton, Ontario.

Thanks to everyone who participated in STOP! Clean Your Hands Day this year. Special thanks to Natalie Nymark for her terrific social media posts. As a token of gratitude, IPAC Canada will be providing her with free registration for the 2021 IPAC conference.

Did you take the Clean Hands Self-Assessment? Did you Pledge Clean Hands? Share your experience with #STOPCleanYourHands – clean care matters now, more than ever, on May 5 and every day!