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3/14/2017 6:00 PM

The Steering Committee is pleased to report that 68% of Consortium actions are complete, 21% of actions are started, 5% are scheduled to start later, and the remaining 5% is expected to start but delayed. 

A key action is the evaluation of the National Patient Safety Consortium and the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan.  The Evaluation Framework was presented at the Consortium meeting in September 2016.  The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is pleased to announce that Vision & Results Inc., with the leadership of Dr. San Ng and Ms. Jean Trimnell will conduct the evaluation of the Consortium and the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan.  Dr. Ng is the founder of Vision & Results Inc. with a PhD from the University of Toronto.  Ms. Trimnell has had an extensive career in Ontario's health sector including CEO and Vice President of several sites.  Dr. Ng and Ms. Trimnell will be utilizing a collective impact model throughout the evaluation with preliminary findings anticipated for October 2017.