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11/2/2010 6:00 PM

​​​​​Patient Safety Metrics, an online measurement and data reporting system, will soon be available to measure your progress on Safer Healthcare Now! interventions. The Patient Safety Metrics system software is a key tool in advancing patient safety in Canada and Safer Healthcare Now! teams will soon be able to experience the many benefits of the system.

This new online data submission and reporting system replaces the excel measurement worksheets with a completely redesigned and user-friendly web-based tool. This new system streamlines the enrolment and data submission processes, enhances reporting capabilities and increases access to data. The system was built with the end-user in mind - it is easily accessible, intuitive to use, easy to navigate, and barriers to data submission have been minimized. 

The Patient Safety Metrics system provides enhanced access to Canadian patient safety data and reports. The system will be able to pull both the historical Safer Healthcare Now! data and current data from a central data source and provide easy access to real-time performance reports. 

The Patient Safety Metrics system allows teams to track their individual performance over time, as well as compare their performance against other hospitals in their region, as well as the aggregate performance across the Safer Healthcare Now! nodes and across the county. The system also allows teams to monitor other performance indicators such as the number of sites that have reached the benchmark “goal” for a specific intervention and how long they have sustained their goal.  

As Patient Safety Metrics expands into phase II, teams will have the ability to custom build dashboards and multi-site indicator reports that can serve multiple reporting needs across an organization.

The Patient Safety Metrics system can serve as an invaluable tool for jurisdictions that are looking to build performance monitoring into their patient safety frameworks. The Patient Safety Metrics system can be customized to meet individualized reporting requirements from different jurisdictions or provinces. The system is available in both English and French and available at no charge to the end user. 

For more information, contact Anne MacLaurin, Project Manager at