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CPSI Share                                                    
6/9/2015 6:00 PM

​​I thought this would be a fitting name for my conversation with you every month as I highlight areas of patient safety where I have witnessed “power plays”. I see this as a concentration of skill, commitment and passion applied in a certain area of healthcare.

Or in other words, it’s the advantage that breeds success!

It has been a fantastic first month at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.  From my first day on the job, I felt incredibly welcomed by a talented group of CPSI staff who are so passionate about patient safety. I then had the opportunity to meet our Board of Directors. We are very fortunate to have a board comprised of strategic thinkers from across Canada who are dedicated to safe care.

We are moving ahead with our Business Plan: Patient Safety Forward with Four and I have had some great conversations with thought leaders, CEOs, and providers across Canada on their perspectives for what work needs to be done as we move forward with our Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan.

I also had the privilege of meeting members of Patients for Patient Safety Canada. I have always valued the voice of the patient in my healthcare career and am looking forward to getting to know them better in the coming months.

My Patient Safety Power Play for the month – starting every board meeting with a patient story. This immediately brings attention to the work we are doing and why we are doing it! This is an advantage because it grounds everybody in the room and causes us to focus on the very important tasks at hand.

I look forward to continuing the conversation in the months to come. Share your Patient Safety Power Play with me at 

Yours in patient safety,

Chris Power