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CPSI Share                                                  
3/12/2018 6:00 PM

After five successful years, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute is building on the exceptional work of the National Patient Safety Consortium and the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan to transition to our new strategic direction – Patient Safety Right Now! I'm so excited to share our new plan with all of you in April. However, before we launch, we need to celebrate the amazing achievements of the Consortium and the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan.

A great deal has been achieved by bringing together key partners in Canadian healthcare and establishing the National Patient Safety Consortium to drive a shared action plan for safer healthcare.  After several summits and roundtable meetings an Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan was developed.  The Consortium, the individual summit and roundtable action plans, and the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan were connected through a voluntary structure to support the purpose: safer healthcare for Canadians.

Consortium, summit and roundtable participants came from across the country representing patients and families, national and provincial quality and patient safety organizations, ministries of health, professional associations and health care delivery organizations. Our new strategy is the direct result of the truly collective wisdom of everyone involved. One of the most important outcomes of this collaboration was establishing what works to drive patient safety forward. Patient Safety Right Now! is the bold new direction we are taking toward making Canada's healthcare system the safest in the world.

I'm happy to add that Health Canada has officially approved our new 2018-23 Business Plan, and Gavin Brown, the Director of the Health Care System Division was kind enough to add:

"I look forward to continued collaboration between our teams and to seeing CPSI's new strategic vision unfold as you begin to implement the plan this coming year."

Exciting times are ahead in the patient safety journey upon which we have all embarked. Thank you for your support in this important work.

Please feel free to contact me personally at to discuss any patient safety issues that are on your mind.

Yours in patient safety,
Chris Power