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11/9/2017 5:00 PM

Healthcare is a big deal in Canada. Not only is it one of the biggest expenditures for governments, both provincially and federally, but it has a tremendous personal impact on the life of every Canadian.

With those kinds of stakes, it's important to ask some pretty serious questions about the future of our healthcare system, and CPSI's role within it.

Are we equipped to continue improving patient safety in the future? As patients or providers, what do you need from us, to continue accelerating change in healthcare? How can we at CPSI build on the momentum we've created since 2003 to make Canada's healthcare system the safest in the world?

As it happens, Health Canada is asking those very same questions.

Making sure that Canadians are getting the best from the healthcare system is top priority for Health Canada. To that end, Health Canada is conducting a review of all government funded, pan-Canadian healthcare organizations, including CPSI. The objective of the review is to advise the Minister of Health on the future of healthcare policy, and deliver to Canadians the care they need.

This is a unique opportunity to share your thoughts on our healthcare system, and where it's going, with Health Canada. We ask that you set aside some time to share a few words about your involvement with CPSI and the importance of keeping patient safety on the national agenda. What you share can aid us in showing just how strong and impactful our mandate is. You can click here to share your thoughts directly with the reviewers.

Speaking of sharing, we have just come off our annual Canadian Patient Safety Week, a time where we shine a spotlight on patient safety. The momentum generated during this week across the country is incredible, and I'd like to thank everyone who took part. 

Here is a brief glimpse of the week and the reach it had:

  • Our PATIENT podcast reached number two for the week in the medical category on iTunes
  • The Take With Questions Quiz had 4911 participants
  • Our Question Your Meds Contest received 125 entries
  • #asklistentalk received 3.744 million impressions, 1469 tweets, and had 700 participants using it, with an average of 15 tweets per hour

From all of us at the CPSI, we thank you!

As always, I'm open to your questions and comments. Do you have any Canadian Patient Safety Week memories to share? Do you have any questions about Health Canada's pan-Canadian Healthcare Organization Review? Feel free to contact me at

Yours in patient safety

Chris Power
CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute