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CPSI Share                                                  
1/9/2019 5:00 PM

Welcome back from holidays, everyone. I sincerely hope you shared some wonderful memories together with friends and family. Now that we're back, I am delighted to finally share with you my two resolutions for 2019. This year, we will lead and inspire all Canadians to sit up and take notice of the preventable patient harm crisis in Canada's healthcare system!

My First Resolution: Share What Works With People Who Can Make Changes

If you have read ahead in this issue of our Digital Magazine, you already have a good sense of what I mean. This year, we are launching three outstanding Safety Improvement Projects for our colleagues in healthcare across the country. Whether you are a healthcare provider, clinical support staff, or a vital administrator, we have developed evidence-based practices that you can implement immediately to start improving patient safety right now!

For our colorectal surgical care teams, the Enhanced Recovery Canada project will improve outcomes and system efficiencies. For our colleagues in acute care organizations, we developed our Medication Safety at Care Transitions project, with an emphasis on preventing harm to frail patients. Finally, for every team in healthcare, we are introducing a special project on Teamwork and Communication based around the popular and hugely successful TeamSTEPPS Canada™ program.

On January 22, these three Safety Improvement Projects will open for registration. Each one boasts internationally renowned faculty and coaches, unique collaborative virtual spaces, and will equip participants with actionable, reportable plans. These 18-month projects will be offered for a set fee for teams from across Canada, using integrated knowledge translation and implementation science principles.

I want to make sure you don't miss out: sign up here to learn about them as soon as they are announced!

My Second Resolution: Tell Everybody About Preventable Patient Harm

This year, I also committed to telling everyone about our mission. We know that as soon as someone learns that preventable patient harm is the third leading cause of death in Canada, it becomes their number one healthcare priority. So this year, it is my mission to tell as many people as possible. If you help me, together we will make a change in 2019.

Will you follow my lead? If you tell two people the following five facts – and ask them to do the same – I believe we can set the country on fire!

  • 1 in 3 Canadians has experienced preventable patient harm or has a loved one who did.
  • Every 13 minutes, someone in this country dies from preventable patient harm.
  • One out of 18 Canadian hospital visits results in preventable patient harm.
  • Preventable patient harm costs $2.75 billion every year.
  • There are actions you can take to keep you and your loved ones safer in our healthcare system.

If every person in Canada knew these five facts, I truly believe that we could transform our healthcare system. Patient safety would become the number one healthcare priority for the public, for the media, for the healthcare system, and for our regulators. 

So will you join me in my 2019 resolutions? If you are working within healthcare, will you make sure that the right people know about the upcoming Safety Improvement Projects? And whether you work within the healthcare system or not, will you tell two people those five facts on preventable patient harm – and ask them to do the same? Together, we can make 2019 a milestone year in patient safety.

If you decide to join me, will you let us know? Could you hashtag #PatientSafetyRightNow in any social media you share? If you have a story about preventable patient harm, would you share it with your audiences through social media – and use the hashtag as well?

Help us make this year count. Help us improve patient safety and prevent patient harm.

Questions? Comments? My inbox is open to you anytime at, and you can follow me on Twitter @ChrisPowerCPSI.

Yours in patient safety,

Chris Power