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CPSI Share                                                  
6/11/2019 10:00 AM

Over the last year, I have been delighted to share the activities we have developed under the direction of our new strategy, Patient Safety Right Now.

We have celebrated our growing relationship with the World Health Organization and our role as a Collaborating Centre in Patient Safety and Patient Engagement. We have traced the progress of four new Safety Improvement Projects, and we will continue to share updates from teams across Canada as they improve their skills in Measuring and Monitoring, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, Teamwork & Communication, and Medication Safety. These elements will help to increase our effectiveness in demonstrating what works, one of the two key elements in our strategic plan.

We have also shared updates in our other key element, to strengthen commitment to patient safety in Canada. We have celebrated events such as STOP! Clean Your Hands Day and Canadian Patient Safety Week, and shared revelations from the Ipsos survey on Canadian awareness of our patient safety crisis. Throughout all this terrific work, our patient partners at Patients for Patient Safety Canada have taken a vital role in each of these activities. We mentioned their initiatives such as Patients at Parliament and the federal petition to improve over the counter medication labelling.

It has been a busy year for us since we approved our new strategy. While each of these initiatives supports our plan, I am excited to tell you about one of the areas where we will be concentrating our focus over the next few years.

CPSI is exploring a strategy of sustained public engagement. Many of the programs and projects we have initiated in the past 15 years were directed toward healthcare providers and leaders. We need to start sharing the results of our efforts – celebrating the successes we have seen in making patient safety a priority – with all Canadians. And we must stress the scale of the harm that continues every day.

We will expand our public engagement through some of our high-profile efforts: STOP! Clean Your Hands Day and Canadian Patient Safety Week highlight patient safety among the public and give them tools and resources to stay safe. In the coming months, I will explore approaches we have developed to influence policy at the federal, provincial and territorial levels. We are making our materials and patient safety information more accessible for those beyond the healthcare system, and promoting them widely across the country.

I will also share updates on a wider network of patient groups led by Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PFPSC). The goal here is to include the patient voice across the healthcare system, improving the safety of care, by collaborating with other patient interest groups. A collective effort of patient interest groups from across Canada has the potential to accelerate safety improvements. Currently, there are 17 equal partners in the Alliance; because of its organizing efforts, PFPSC was designated as the facilitator and secretariat for a year. These patient partners demonstrate visionary leadership in building this new Patient Alliance. You will hear more about this Alliance in the next few months.

And finally, you will be hearing shortly about the first ever World Patient Safety Day on September 17. In partnership with countries around the world and under advisement from the World Health Organization, we will lead the Canadian charge to bring awareness of the healthcare system’s crisis of patient harm to the attention of the public. We will show everyone across the country how to keep themselves safe in the healthcare system, and how to demand the changes we know we need in order to make our system the safest in the world.

You will be able to help. We will show you how.

Questions? Comments? My inbox is open to you anytime at, and you can follow me on Twitter @ChrisPowerCPSI.

Yours in patient safety,

Chris Power