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7/29/2018 6:00 PM

Canada has some of the shortest summer months, full of the longest summer days. As I look forward to enjoying the beautiful weather with my friends and family, I can't help thinking of the progress we've made this year. It's as if, by marking our successes, I can make the days a little longer and the weather a little warmer!

First of all, I would like to offer my thanks to all our hard-working members of the Canadian healthcare community. I wish to thank you, as always, for your amazing efforts on behalf of the thousands of people you care for every day.

Whether you serve in the front lines, behind the scenes, at the policy-making table, in homes or in researching the future of care, a career in healthcare is one of the most challenging – and rewarding. By definition, you think of others before you think of yourselves. I urge each and every one of you to take time this summer with family and friends to care for yourselves so you can continue to care for the rest of us.

Next, I would like to thank each one of you who have helped us in our mission to make healthcare safer for patients. Our tireless volunteers in Patients for Patient Safety Canada share their stories and dedicate their efforts to holding the healthcare system accountable. Those of you who participate in our annual STOP! Clean Your Hands Day and Canadian Patient Safety Week campaigns help improve patient safety for everyone. The healthcare workers, educators and administrators who participate in CPSI programs are each doing their part to help us achieve our vision: to ensure Canada has the safest healthcare in the world.

Finally, I want to recognize our partner organizations, without whom we would have a much harder task than the momentous one that lies before us. Our Voting Members consist of national organizations, federal departments, and local government agencies who all work together to guarantee patient safety across Canada. Representing these groups, our devoted Board Members champion our efforts.

Thanks to the partnerships and support we enjoy, this year CPSI developed Patient Safety Right Now, a bold new direction with an urgent call to action. Together with the exceptional efforts of the staff and supporters of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, we will demonstrate what works and strengthen commitment to patient safety in Canada… right now!

Our precious Canadian summer months are often a time many choose to take some well-earned vacation. The successes we've seen in the past year will help make those long summer evenings just that much better. I invite you to celebrate those successes with me – and tell me how we can work together in the next year to deliver on this promise of patient safety we have made together.

Until then, enjoy your time in the summer sun, and think about how you and your organization will help address the concerns of multiple medications during Canadian Patient Safety Week at the end of October. Please have a look at the amazing resources and dedicated speakers available during October 29 to November 2nd: visit

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Yours in patient safety,

Chris Power