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8/30/2016 4:00 AM

St. Michael's Hospital in downtown Toronto has embarked upon a renewed patient safety program to embed safety into the forefront of everything they do. Policies have been revamped and new tools, roles and supports have been created around the elements of a strong safety culture.

"St. Michael's has been committed to patient safety in a fulsome way since 2004," says Dr. Chris Hayes, Medical Director, Quality and Performance. "We have now reached a point where we want to take patient safety to the next level and we are investing more in it as the science improves. It is a corporate commitment to advance our approach to patient safety in our journey to being a highly safe organization."

St. Michael's already has a program in place that trains people in quality improvement skills; and now they are embarking on the same capacity building for patient safety by using the Patient Safety Education Program – Canada (PSEP – Canada) as the catapult. As a trained Master Facilitator for PSEP – Canada, Dr. Hayes knows how the PSEP – Canada program can help St. Michael's build that capacity.

Rather than using the traditional approach where a few individuals are selected to take the PSEP – Canada training and bring their new knowledge and skills back to their organization, St. Michael's is bringing a PSEP – Canada workshop to their home front, training 30 people from their organization at the same time. They have strategically partnered with their corporate education portfolio to train individuals as patient safety educators, providing patient safety knowledge and pedagogical approaches so that they can be patient safety champions at the unit level.

"The difference with bringing the program in-house is that we can apply the PSEP – Canada training into our contextual framework and align it with our messaging and corporate priorities," says Dr. Hayes. "The role of our educators is to translate knowledge and skills to the clinical units. We are augmenting our clinical educators with patient safety content so that they can embed it into what they already do. They will now have the language, the nomenclature and the capabilities to more easily translate patient safety examples and science, and human factors with confidence."

St. Michael's worked with the PSEP – Canada team to choose the modules that are aligned with the hospital's strategic plan and patient safety program.  A two-day PSEP – Canada workshop will be delivered at the hospital on September 20 to 21, 2016. Master Facilitators have been secured, patient representatives have signed up, the room is booked and they are ready to learn.

"At the conclusion of the PSEP – Canada "Become a Patient Safety Trainer" workshop, we will have immediately created a large network of patient safety educators in our own building that we can connect with, and we will work with them to share the PSEP – Canada content hospital-wide," adds Dr. Hayes. "We are really excited about this big step in capacity building all at once."