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9/13/2020 6:00 PM

A Guide to Patient Safety ImprovementThe best way to improve patient safety outcomes is to apply the best research in the most effective way.

A Guide to Patient Safety Improvement is a new resource that integrates knowledge translation and quality improvement approaches to guide you through the improvement process.

Are there gaps in your patient safety performance? This Guide offers a simplified process to select strategies to effectively implement patient safety practices. Although originally designed to support National Canadian Safety Improvement Projects, it can be adapted to fit any healthcare context.

"The Guide to Patient Safety Improvement is an integrated approach to practice change – change that can have a sustainable impact on patient safety outcomes," says Gina De Souza, Senior Program Manager at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. "It shows how two bodies of knowledge, quality improvement and knowledge translation, can be used synergistically."

Several models, theories, and frameworks contributed to the Guide, including: the Knowledge Translation and Quality Improvement Integrated Learning Design, Model for Improvement, Knowledge to Action Cycle, and COM-B theory. It includes ideal practice changes ("the what") and strategies ("the how") that creates the evidence-based intervention as well as a section on engaging patients at all levels, not just the point-of-care.

"Understanding context and what supports behaviour change is so important when choosing a strategy," adds Gina De Souza. "Knowledge translation goes beyond looking only at what the evidence says, to getting people to be a part of the change and selecting the right strategy to support and sustain the change."

A five-minute, 'Quick Start' microlearning course has been designed to complement the Guide to Patient Safety Improvement publication and is now available through Canada's Patient Safety Online Learning Centre at