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CPSI Share                                                  
4/10/2018 6:00 PM

The National Patient Safety Consortium is very pleased with progress of actions.  As of December 2017 (Q3), 91% of actions are complete or underway.  The one remaining action on implementing the Never Events report across jurisdictions will be carried over to next  fiscal year.   

The National Patient Safety Consortium Action and the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan are currently being evaluated by Vision & Results Inc. Thus far, CPSI staff, Steering Committee members, Leads Groups, patients, and Action Teams have been interviewed as well as an online survey.  Currently, a second phase of focus groups is being conducted with the Steering Committee and Leads Groups. Interim results found that "the Consortium is an exemplar of a strong collective impact model: there is a shared vision and agenda, concrete plan and activities, an effective coordination body, and ongoing monitoring and reporting."  The results will be shared in May 2018.  

The key learnings of this large-scale collaboration, including the evidence-based outputs from the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan and recommendations from the independent evaluation, will inform the next steps of this work.