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12/7/2016 2:00 AM

​​​​Second quarter progress continues to be steady for actions addressing the key themes of evidence-informed practices aimed to make opioid use safer for Canadians and in reporting, learning and sharing with the completion and release of the white paper, Medication Incident Reporting in Canada. Led by partners ISMP Canada and CIHI, the paper sought to identify and define the current landscape of reporting and learning in Canada with the aim to utilize these findings to establish a strategy by which medication information from different data sources can be shared for learning purposes more effectively. The action team completed an extensive literature scan, survey and conducted multiple stakeholder interviews to inform the recommendations and conclusions in the report. Findings include:

  • Reporting systems in Canada are collectively broad in scope but are rarely interconnected
  • Although reporting systems are broadly available, there are gaps in what is reported
  • Recommendations are proposed to improve the quantity and quality of incident reporting, and to improve linkages across reporting systems.

Key messages and the executive summary can be found here, with the full paper available upon request. ISMP Canada is already leading the follow up action by creating an advisory group to review the paper findings and develop a potential model that would optimize collecting and sharing of medication incident learnings from different sources more effectively.

On September 27, 2016 A National call was held entitled: Rebranding MedRec – How organizations are using '5 Questions to Ask about your Medications'.   Attendees heard about the new MedRec rebranding strategy and how organizations are using '5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications' to engage patients and consumers.  This call was very well received with over four hundred attendees.

Other work supporting the uptake and dissemination of this tool includes:

  • Creating a YouTube video to increase public awareness and use of the tool
  • Developing a version of the tool that patients can use to document the answers to the questions as they have the conversation with their healthcare providers

ISMP Canada staff delivered a presentation on '5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications' and the concept of MedRec as a component of safe medication management on October 27, 2016 at the Canadian Homecare Association Summit in Vancouver.