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5/8/2016 6:00 PM

​Healthcare can be an exciting, yet challenging profession.

As providers, you're looked upon to be tough and resilient, always rising to the occasion during times of crisis. It's these moments that are likely the reason you got into healthcare in the first place. You're there for someone in their moment of need, and you're going to own it. These are the stories you'll recount long after you've worked your last shift. Exciting!

You're also one of the first people to bear the brunt of someone's displeasure (to put it mildly) when you don't get the care outcome you were hoping for. With pressure and stressors coming at you from all sides, even internally, it's not always easy to keep your chin up. These are not moments you'll cherish, but the ones you'll learn from, and maybe the ones you'll need a little help to recover from.

You're not alone, but sometimes it can feel that way. Healthcare settings are incredibly busy places, but you can still feel very isolated from everyone. Perhaps it is difficult to speak up when you're struggling. This is where a caring co-worker and the relationships you forge on the job can make all the difference.

You might be more likely to take notice if a colleague is struggling if you know them better. You are definitely more likely to approach them to ask what's wrong. The same could be said about them, if you're the one who could benefit from the support of a co-worker when the going gets tough.

It was John Lennon who penned the Beatles' 1967 single "All You Need Is Love," an appropriate theme for this month's Power Play. Coincidentally, the single's B-side was "Baby, You're A Rich Man." Quite appropriate considering we're all richer when we are open to love.

If you're reading this, I want you to take the time to genuinely improve the relationships you have with the people you work closest with. Get to know each other, and you'll start to care for each other as people first, colleagues second. The impact that change in dynamic can have on the job will astound you. Looking back, the memories you treasure won't just be the ones where you saved a life, they'll be the ones about the special bonds you shared with those closest to you and how you had each other's backs.  

Please don't just take my word for it. I know there are countless examples out there illustrating exactly what I'm talking about. Share them with me at or @ChrisPowerCPSI and we can use those stories encourage others that when it comes right down to it, all you need is love.

Yours in patient safety,
Chris Power​