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10/28/2015 9:00 AM

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute and HealthCareCAN are pleased to recognize Keith Taylor as an honourable mention recipient of the Patient Safety Champion Individual Award. As a Patient Family Advisor for the past six years, Keith has played an integral role in the development and promotion of patient and family-centred care at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC).


"Keith is an amazing leader and we are fortunate to have an individual of his caliber engaged in our work," says Dr. Rhonda Crocker Ellacott, EVP patient Services & Chief Nursing Executive (and Keith's nominator for the Patient Safety Champion Award). "He has a keen understanding of operations at all levels of the organization. Through his insight and approach, Keith guides our organization to better understand the health system through the eyes of the patient. His passion and dedication to 'patients first' enables our organization to continually improve and engage patients and families throughout all aspects of the hospital."

Keith helped to develop and design a communication whiteboard, in collaboration with TBRHSC staff, to ensure safe, quality care. The patient bedside whiteboard is an interactive tool to improve communication between the patient, family and care providers who cannot be at the bedside together. The board contains helpful information that is important to the patient and family, such as what they like to be called, care needs, preferences, any patient/family priorities or special considerations, names and role of the care team members, discharge information and an area to write messages.

Keith also provides the patient and family-centred care educational component at all TBRHSC "new hire" orientations for medical learners and first year residents. "Keith conveys such enthusiasm when he presents, that it is impossible for staff and learners not to get excited about and understand their role in patient and family-centred care," adds Dr. Crocker Ellacott.  "He speaks passionately, yet respectfully at all levels of the organization and reminds us all that the patient experience is integral to the success of their treatment."

Keith has travelled regionally, nationally and internationally to speak about how collaborative partnerships with patients and families can change the culture and lead to improved patient, staff and physician satisfaction, better health outcomes, improved quality and safety, enhanced learning, and provides an opportunity to shape healthcare. His passion, commitment and dedication have made him sought out by many organizations, and he is often the voice of the patient at meetings, webcasts and media events.

Keith's expertise and input is greatly valued and his work has touched many areas of the organization. He has guided TBRSC in hiring leaders that support patient and family-centred care and will promote its continued growth and development. He is involved in policy reviews, strategic planning processes, patient education, and sits on numerous Committees, such as: Senior Management Council, Board of Directors Quality and Safety Committee, Patient Family Advisor Council (Co-Chair), Quality of Care Committee, and the Accreditation Canada's Client Centred Care Working Group.

 "I want to make a difference," says Keith Taylor, Patient Family Advisor. "The reward of being a Patient Family Advisor is second to none. To work in a culture where you have an equal voice and are involved at every level of decision-making speaks volumes. Patient and family-centred care is rooted in the values and engrained into the fabric of the organization and that has been a key driver in our success."