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3/2/2017 5:00 PM

Having been with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute for about 2 years now, I'm starting to get into the ebbs and flows of the patient safety calendar.

Of course, the autumn months are dominated by Canadian Patient Safety Week, as the entire healthcare community seems to get involved in what has become our marquee event. The rest of the year is filled with webinars and education sessions, and a little day known as STOP! Clean Your Hands Day (May 5, 2017).

Similar to the effect Canadian Patient Safety Week has in the fall, when you start hearing about STOP! Clean Your Hands Day, it's a sure sign that spring is around the corner.

I for one am intrigued to see how this year's event plays out. While we typically run engagement campaigns, for either STOP! Clean Your Hands Day or Canadian Patient Safety Week, they're always outward facing where we ask people to submit something into us. This year, we're encouraging people to focus on the conversations they should be having with themselves. As such, the theme for this year is Ask Yourself . . .

Improvement often starts with self. It's the recognition that you want to change things and the internal drive to make it happen. Large scale improvements can be achieved through small incremental changes and that's what we're hoping people will take away from STOP! Clean Your Hands Day this year.

So, ask yourself . . . are you prioritizing hand hygiene? Are you protecting your patients? Are you a leader and setting a good example for your colleagues? What can you do today, that will lead to improvement tomorrow?

Ask Yourself . . . is also the topic of this year's video competition. These are always such a blast and we love seeing the amazing videos that are submitted. We'll post every entry on our YouTube channel and have great prizes lined up for the winners.

Finally, we're also planning a webinar on May 5. Registration and more details about the speakers are coming soon!

As always, tell me what's on your mind! How are you celebrating STOP! Clean Your Hands Day? What are some of the questions you'll be asking yourself? I invite you to connect with me at or follow me on Twitter @ChrisPowerCPSI.

Yours in patient safety,

Chris Power