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CPSI Share                                                  
10/12/2010 6:00 PM

​​​​​Safer Healthcare Now! has new resources available to help you with your improvement efforts. For copies of the new Getting Started Kits (GSK), visit our website and click on Interventions.

Falls and Prevention of Injury from Falls


The new Reducing Falls and Injury from Falls Getting Started Kit is packed with useful information and is the resource you have been waiting for! This guide will assist healthcare professionals to implement falls prevention and injury reduction programs. It highlights high impact, evidence-based strategies that will support improvement teams to initiate and enhance their quality improvement work and provides tools and resources to support practice change. It has been structured to address each of the elements of care, including Acute Care, Long Term Care and Home Care. Download your copy of the GSK today!

Interprofessional improvement teams from across the healthcare continuum are invited to join the Falls Virtual Learning Collaborative, Don’t Slip Up! Sessions start on October 5th and continue until March 2011. For more information, click here.

Medication Reconciliation in Home Care

The new Medication Reconciliation in Home Care Getting Started Kit is now available in a user-friendly, electronic format. The content of the GSK is centered around the five w’s - what, why, when, who and how. Within the pages of the GSK you will find a formalized framework for medication reconciliation in home care supported by a structured process and various tools, guides, and strategies for successful implementation. Download your copy of the GSK today!

Home Care teams have the opportunity to participate in the Medication Reconciliation in Home Care Virtual Learning Action Series to help them get started. Click on the link to learn more.

A New Approach to Controlling Superbugs

A New Approach to Controlling Superbugs Getting Started Kit focuses on infection control, with proven techniques to improve infection rates and strategies on transforming change in your organization.

The New Approach to Controlling Superbugs e-learning opportunities helps teams across Canada to learn about Positive Deviance and how to use it in their own facility as part of their efforts to reduce the spread of nosocomial infections. Wave 3 starts in January 2011.

Surgical Site Infections

Canadian healthcare continues to struggle with surgical site infections (SSI). Despite advances in aseptic technique, antibiotic prophylaxis, and less invasive surgical techniques, healthcare associated infections (HAI) continue to complicate the recovery of many surgical patients. The recommendations contained in this SSI Getting Started Kit are designed to assist healthcare facilities in prioritizing and implementing surgical site infection prevention efforts.

National Calls are scheduled on October 12th, October 18th and November 16th to help support implementation of the Getting Started Kit at your site. Join these webinar calls to lean more!

Safer Healthcare Now! has teamed up with Cardinal Health Canada to create a “Preventing Surgical Site Infection” Speakers Bureau. Speakers will come to you to spread the surgical site infection (SSI) message at no cost to you! If you need help implementing the SSI intervention, contact Marlies van Dijk, SSI Intervention Lead at or call 403-521-7106 for more information.

Venous Thromboembolism

The VTE Prevention Getting Started Kit is in the process of being revised and will be available in the upcoming months. Accreditation Canada has added a VTE Prophylaxis component to the Required Organizational Practices (ROPs), to commence in January 2011. The GSK will be updated to reflect this change and the focus of the GSK will now be to assist organizations in meeting these new ROPs. The hip fracture and general surgical patient measurement component will be removed, as the importance of VTE prophylaxis for all hospitalized patient groups is now emphasized. More Canadian content will be added and the appendices will be updated with new tools and examples of documents to assist in meeting the ROP requirements.

In the works!

Watch for new Getting Started Kits for Acute Myocardial Infarction and Medication Reconciliation in Acute Care coming soon!