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10/26/2010 6:00 PM

​​​​Safer Healthcare Now! Getting Started Kits (GSK) are a “how-to-guide” for each of the interventions and have become a key educational resource in many organizations. A regular review of the Kits provides a continual refreshment of current and emerging clinical information that keeps this resource relevant to new and experienced teams alike.

 “What I like about the GSKs is that they all follow the same format,” says Linda Hunter, Director of Quality and Patient Safety from the Ottawa Hospital. “They are succinct, logically laid out in that someone can quickly determine what they want to read and what they can flip over. Before we even form a team, we look at the GSK very extensively and use it as our bible. It is a very useful tool to get background, start-up a team, educate the team, and carry-out quality improvement work with a good resource to refer back to.”

“The GSKs are also a useful and powerful tool for what is coming up on the horizon. There is so much alignment between Safer Healthcare Now! and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Accreditation Canada and mandated public indicator reporting that it allows the organization to get prepared by reading the toolkit to help them get started, help them define it and link into the process.”

Safer Healthcare Now! initiatives are good for the end benefit of the patient,” adds Linda.  If you can use a tool that someone else has benefited from and a team of experts has put together, that is a blessing.”

Teri-Lynn Hayes, Clinical Improvement Facilitator from the Heartland Health Region in Saskatchewan used the Falls Getting Started Kit to develop a falls reduction strategy at one of their long term care facilities that is now being rolled out to every long term care facility in the health region.  “The GSKs are really user-friendly and not something to be afraid of,” says Teri-Lynn. “We found both the Falls Risk Assessment tools and learning about quality improvement methodology very useful in getting staff engaged in the process.”

In addition to the how-to-guide, virtual learning programs are available to support teams in their quality improvement work.  Margie Donovan, a Registered Nurse in Summerside, PEI is part of a provincial working group looking at implementing medication reconciliation in home care.  “The support we receive from the Home Care Virtual Action Series really provides clarity and understanding of what medication reconciliation entails,” says Margie. “The Getting Started Kit really helps us to focus on doing what we do better.”

Getting Started Kits for all Safer Healthcare Now! interventions are available on the website