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10/24/2016 2:00 AM

October 24 to 28, 2016 marks the 12th annual Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW) and this year we've taken the campaign to a new arena – the social media realm!


The theme for Canadian Patient Safety Week 2016, Questions Save Lives, is an opportunity for providers, patients and family members to convey what questions they would ask to make care safer and share them on social media.

"Questions Save Lives is more than a theme, it's a thought-provoking statement that engages our audience in a conversation and reminds care providers, patients and families of the important role of conversation in healthcare," says Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute. We encourage you to get involved and share on social media the most important questions you believe can save lives."

To share your question, Questions Save Lives frames, have been distributed in CPSW packages and a downloadable template is also available on the website, Simply write down your question on the template, take a photo and tweet your question using #asklistentalk.

Also on Twitter, on Friday, October 28th, beginning at 12:00 Noon EST, Dr. Joshua Tepper, President of Health Quality Ontario will moderate an hour-long CPSW Twitter Talk. Join by following @DrJoshuaTepper or @patient_safety. There will be key influencers chiming in with their perspective on the Twitter Talk topics.

Healthcare organizations across the country are taking their celebrations onto social media. Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto has been tweeting #EscapeRoom to create interest in a fun-based, inter-departmental challenge that aims to foster staff engagement. Teams of two to four individuals are stuck in a room and have to work together to quickly identify problems and complete tasks that demonstrate best practices in patient safety, unlocking a key to their escape route.

"The Escape Room is like a live board game based on a Halloween theme," says Adnaan Bhyat and Brian Yee, creators of the Escape Room challenge. "We will highlight elements of patient safety through various tasks focused on workplace violence, patient identification, infection control, and hand hygiene. There is a lot of interest from staff and our senior management team have also signed up to participate."

"To round out CPSW we have a number of unit-based activities planned, with each day dedicated to a different theme to highlight priorities areas, including: speaking up; the patient perspective: patient identification; information transfer and communication; and incident reporting," says Narmin Hemani, Patient Safety & Quality Specialist. "Another feature of the week is a presentation from a Patient Speaker from Patients for Patient Safety Canada, who will share the impact that challenges with provider communication had on his wife's health from a patient perspective. CPSW is an action-packed week and we are thrilled to be a part of it!"

Don't miss out on this national celebration! We want to know how you are celebrating Canadian Patient Safety Week 2016 and what questions you ask to save lives … and we'll be looking out for your tweets.

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