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Publication Type: Safety Bulletin
Single or Multiple Incident: Multiple
Date: 2/25/2021 12:00:00 AM
Country: Canada

This Safety Bulletin shares a number of leading practices that facilitate the safe administration of a COVID-19 vaccine. These practices, which incorporate learning from past vaccine errors, will evolve over time, as additional knowledge is gained and new guidance is developed. Information presented is valid at the time of publication. Vaccine errors reported with the COVID-19 vaccine as well as errors with other vaccines were reviewed. Errors and the risk for errors for each of the following categories is provided: storage, preparation, administration, and documentation. Strategies for safe vaccine practices relative to each of these categories are provided.

Additional Details

multidose vial, needle, syringe, refrigerator, freezer, ultra-low freezer
vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech), shingles vaccine, insulin, neuromuscular blocker
Medication/IV List:
neuromuscular blocking agents, insulin, subcutaneous and IV

Preventing Errors with COVID-19 Vaccines: Learning from Vaccine Incidents