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1. PATIENT podcasts Listen to the new season of our award winning and top downloaded podcast series. Share your thoughts on social media with the #AskListenTalk hashtag. 

2. Medication Safety QuizTake the medication safety quiz!

3. "Caption This" Comic Challenge - Do you like challenges? Want to win great prizes? We've got a fun challenge for Canadian Patient Safety Week – Not All Meds Get Along "Caption This" Comic Challenge.  Use the illustration on our "Caption This" Comic Challenge page and write a caption for it.
4. Patient Resources: The Canadian Patient Safety Institute has created medication safety tools to help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Download these tools at and use them to help manage you and your loved one's medications.

5. Petition: Canadian Safety Week Petition
Help make medication safer – sign the petition today!

6. Participate on Social Media: Help promote Not All Meds Get Along on your personal social media accounts. Watch for #asklistentalk posts and share them, like them, and comment.

Sample Posts:
Do your meds get along? This year, I'm making it my mission to remind my family and friends to ask this life-saving question. Talk to your healthcare provider about ALL your medications including over-the-counter and natural supplements! #asklistentalk 

Do your meds get along? I keep a list of my medications – not just prescription drugs but also over-the-counter and natural supplements – to reduce the risk of harmful drug interactions. #asklistentalk

Not All Meds Get Along. Review medications with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist, if you or a loved one is on 5 or more medications. #asklistentalk

Not All Meds Get Along. I use the 5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications when I talk to my doctor about my medications. Find them here #asklistentalk