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Plain Language Labelling 

We can help make medication safer – sign the petition today!

We all know that unsafe prescription medication practices harm people and impact so many lives as a result. However, many consumers are unaware that over-the-counter drugs and natural health products can also pose a risk for harm and must be used safely.

Health Canada has launched Plain Language Labelling regulations for non-prescription drugs and natural health products. These regulations will require manufacturers to include a Canadian Drug Facts Table or Product Facts Table on the outer label, just like we see on cereal or sunscreen.

Patients for Patient Safety Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute support this push for consistent, plain-language labelling on these products, and to make sure the information is printed at a legible size.

We have created an e-petition which has been tabled in the House of Commons. The petition calls on the Minister of Health to ensure that the regulations continue to include these important patient concerns as manufacturers put them into effect. We need your signature to ensure that Canadians continue to be heard as the regulations come into force.

We need 500 signatures to ensure that the Minister of Health will respond to the petition.

Please support & sign this petition.

Please share this link on your social media accounts and by email to your contacts so as many people as possible will support this important cause.

Contact if you have any questions or concerns.