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STOP! Clean Your Hands Day 2020 - May 5, 2020 - STOP! Clean Your Hands - Canadian Patient Safety Institute, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety and Patient EngagementMay 5, 2020


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Whether you're a patient, visitor, provider, or worker in a healthcare setting – cleaning your hands is one of the best ways to prevent infection. Clean care saves lives.

In acute care settings, infections will be the biggest driver of patient safety incidents in Canada, accounting for roughly 70,000 patient safety incidents per year on average – generating an additional $480 million per year on average in healthcare costs.1

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), or infections acquired in a healthcare setting, are the most frequently reported adverse events in healthcare delivery worldwide. Each year, hundreds of millions of patients are affected by HAIs, leading to significant morbidity and mortality and financial cost to healthcare systems.2

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More information about infection prevention and control is available on the World Health Organization’s website