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Looking for innovative, engaging ideas for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day activities and events? Here’s a list to get you started.

Have a great idea you’d like to share with others? Simply email with a brief description of your activities or events. Feel free to submit photos, links to websites or PDF files to help illustrate your idea. Remember, together we can do big things! 


Suggestions… / What you’ll need…

Stick it to Me

  • Give providers stickers (multi-coloured dot stickers work well)
  • When a provider sees another provider clean their hands properly, place a sticker on his/her shirt, ID card, ect.
  • At the end of the day the participant with the most stickers wins

STOP! Clean Your Hands Day Display

  • A display board (e.g. Bristol board or bulletin board)
  • A table (don’t forget to book space at your site)
  • A high traffic area (you want to attract as much attention as possible)
  • Creatively decorate the display by incorporating the free package contents that you received by registering for the event (stickers, bookmarks and newsletters)
  • Hand out fact sheets on the importance of hand hygiene.  Click here to access printable fact sheets.
  • Give out promotional items such as pens, badge holders and t-shirts from our online store or educational materials such as 4 Moments Cards, Human Factors Toolkits, Patient and Family Guides and more from our order form.
  • Energetic volunteers to share information with passersby to discuss the importance of hand hygiene and to give out promotional items to interested patients and staff
  • You may consider offering a door prize in order to attract people to your booth. You’ll need small sheets of paper for people to write their information on and a box to collect the ballots and to use for the draw.

Paper Bag Lunch Session

  • Gather employees together from your site to discuss the importance of hand hygiene
  • Bring in a speaker, have employees give presentations or invite a patient or family member to share a story related to their experience with infection prevention

Hand Cleaning Tutorial

  • Bring attention to all of the hand cleaning stations around your site
  • Do demonstrations on the proper way to clean your hands (washing and rubbing techniques)

Decorating Challenge

  • Create a team challenge to decorate hand cleaning stations around the site
  • This challenge will draw attention to the hand cleaning stations throughout the day
  • (Decorating can be as simple as adding stickers and inspirational sayings. e.g. “Give yourself a high five if you practice optimal hand hygiene!”)
  • A winner can be awarded by popular vote or by electing a display judge

Hand Hygiene Audit