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The Presence of Safety Can Be Hard to See.

Patient safety is more important than ever, and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute is leading the efforts to emphasize the presence of safety in healthcare.

Armed with a series of valuable questions from The Measurement and Monitoring of Safety, you can make better decisions about the safety of the care you provide. Some of the questions1 are:

  • Has patient care been safe in the past?
  • Is our care safe now?
  • Will our care be safe in the future?

Below is a resource to support the presence of safety at your organization: 

Learn how to create peer support programs for healthcare providers so they have the capacity to keep patients safe: 

Creating a safe space Toolkit - Develop, implement, and improve workplace peer support programs for healthcare providers:

Vincent, C., Burnett, S., & Carthey, J. (2013). The measurement and monitoring of safety: drawing together academic evidence and practical experience to produce a framework for safety measurement and monitoring. The Health Foundation.