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A Program Recognizing Patient Engagement Leaders and Practices

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute, HealthCareCAN and Health Standards Organization, with support from Patients for Patient Safety Canada, have partnered in the yearly recognition program that aims to identify, celebrate and disseminate leading practices in patient engagement for patient safety. 

Congratulations to the two teams selected by the Award Panel for their excellence.

The Regional Medicine Program team from Eastern Health, Newfoundland

The Bedside Handover Project has adjusted the delivery of patient information at the change of nursing shifts away from the nursing desk and brought it to the patient's bedside, resulting in patients feeling that they are more involved in their own care. The change has resulted in significant improvements on patient satisfaction surveys. Notably, in the post-implementation survey, 100% of patients felt nurses shared information about their case from one shift to another, up from 72% pre-implementation, and 91% felt nurses had involved patient families in making decisions about patient care, an increase from 66% pre-implementation.

The project developed by the Regional Medicine Program (part of the CPSI Patient Engagement Collaborative), was implemented as a pilot project at Carbonear General Hospital. Led by Regional Medicine Program Managers Shannon Perry and Susan Newhook in partnership with patient advisors Julie Hollett and Dorothy Mary Senior, the project is a leading practice that empowers patients to become involved in their own care by moving the nurse handover process to the patient's bedside – a time when patients feel the most vulnerable.

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The Long-Term Care Yorkton team from Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan

The leading practice, dubbed "Family Engagement & Co-design in Measuring & Monitoring Safety", has led to a significant drop in the number of injuries – 42% drop in resident injuries and 69% reduction in staff injuries. It has also resulted in an incredible 83% reduction in the use of antipsychotics (without a diagnosis of psychosis).

Led by Ms. Bellamy, Director of Continuing Care South East, in partnership with resident family member Adelle Kopp-McKay, the practice involves engaging with resident family members to challenge the care team to think broadly about harm and safety. This, along with collaborating closely with patients and family representatives helps promote the safe delivery of resident-and-family-centred care while building accountability at an individual, team and organizational level.

Read more here and in the HSO's Leading Practices Library

In addition, teams from the following organizations have identified by the Award Panel as leading practices and added to HSO's Leading Practices Library. Congratulations to each of them!

Congratulations to all teams who submitted nominations this year. The Award Panel noted that each nomination was excellent and they were impressed by the progress made across Canada in advancing patient safety in partnership with patients. 

The call for nominations for the 2021 program will be announced in the Fall. We welcome your questions and suggestions at

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