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Archive: 2018

Recognition for Programs that Lead the Way to Safer Healthcare

Organizations across the country are making changes that truly make a difference by partnering with patients and families in patient safety improvement. Several are introducing innovative programs co-designed with patients that have achieved outstanding results.

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute, HealthCareCAN and Health Standards Organization, with support from Patients for Patient Safety Canada, have partnered in a recognition program that aims to identify, celebrate and disseminate leading practices in patient engagement for patient safety.

The Excellence in Patient Engagement for Patient Safety program proudly recognizes 15 leading practices that have led to measurable results. For example, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health reduced preventable medication errors from 36 to 12 within six months and caught 954 patient identification errors - up from 483 - because they adapted their patient identification process to fit the needs of patients. Another example is the BC Children's Hospital who developed an innovative way to solicit feedback about safety risks and gaps in processes from patients and families - then used the feedback to inform improvement initiatives!

Teams from the two organizations mentioned above, each consisting of a staff leader and a patient partner, were invited to present their successes and lessons learned at the National Health Leadership Conference in June.  Each of the 15 organizations listed below were nominated as leading practices and have been included in the Health Standards Organization's Leading Practices Library.

Please celebrate these accomplishments by reviewing the leading practices and sharing them with those in your organization who are also working to improve patient safety and patient engagement. We welcome you to join us on social media and help us spread the word - we can drive innovation and improvement patient safety – together!

Selected Resources to support Patient Engagement in Patient Safety

  • HealthCareCAN. Patient-Centred Experience and Design Program. This program teaches relationship partnering and building to support patient-centred care and culture change, and knowledge and skills to effectively lead engagement and healthcare design initiatives.

  • Patient Engagement Action Team. Engaging Patients in Patient Safety – a Canadian Guide. This extensive resource, based on evidence and leading practices, helps patients and families, patient partners, providers, and leaders work together more effectively to improve patient safety.

  • Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PFPSC). The volunteer members of PFPSC, a patient-led program of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and the Canadian arm of World Health Organization's Patients for Patient Safety global network, have contributed their unique experiences and perspective and impacted patient safety improvements for over a decade.