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Photo: A webinar series on Peer Support Programs for healthcare workers Webinar Series: From 12:00-1:00pm ET on June 12, June 20, September 12 and October 29, 2019

Webinar #5: Tuesday October 29th 12:00-1pm ET -   Creating a Safe Space: Launch of the Toolkit for Peer-to-Peer Support Programs in Healthcare, the Expert Advisory Committee and Canadian Peer Support Network


CPSI partnered with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to develop a new Toolkit for Peer-to-Peer Support Programs in Healthcare.  It includes tools, resources and templates from organizations across the globe who have successfully implemented their own peer support programs for healthcare providers, and is intended for Policy makers and regulators, administrators, managers, healthcare teams and peer supporters. In addition, the co-chairs of a new Canadian Expert Advisory Committee for Peer Support Programs in Healthcare will present this new committee’s mandate and goals and introduce the new on-line Network for Peer Support Programs in Healthcare.

Learning Objective  

• Participants will learn how to utilize the Creating a Safe Space - Toolkit for Peer-to-Peer Support Programs in Healthcare.

• Participants will understand the mandate and goals of the new Expert Advisory Committee.

• Participants will gain knowledge of the benefits of the Peer Support Network, it’s Terms of Reference and how to join the Network.    


Markirit Armutlu photoMarkirit Armutlu

Senior Program Manager
Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Christine Devine photoChristine Devine            

Wellness Specialist        
Michael Garron Hospital

Kelly McNaughton photoKelly McNaughton 

Program Manager, 
Peer Support and Trauma Response       

Laura Mullaly photoLaura Mullaly, MPH

Program Manager, Mental Health Advancement
Mental Health Commission of Canada

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Webinar 1: Creating a Safe Space: Confidentiality and Legal Privilege for Peer Support Programs 


Webinar 2: Results of the Pan Canadian survey of Healthcare Workers' Views on the Second Victim Phenomenon


Webinar 3: Global environmental scan of Peer-to-Peer Support Programs


Webinar #4: Canadian Best Practices Guidelines for Peer-to-Peer Support Programs in Healthcare