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Conquer Silence


Conquer Silence

At some point, every one of us will be a patient in the healthcare system. What most Canadians don’t realize, is that 28,000 of us die from preventable harm when receiving care, every single year. This makes patient safety incidents the third leading cause of death in Canada, behind cancer and heart disease. One in three Canadians has had patient harm affect themselves or a loved one, yet the public is collectively unaware that the problem exists. This is a silent epidemic. If we do nothing, 1.2 million Canadians will die from preventable patient harm in the next 30 years.

What we must battle in our collective efforts to reduce patient harm, is systemic silence. Silence between patients and providers, between colleagues in healthcare facilities, between administrators in different regions, and between the public and policymakers. If something looks wrong, feels wrong, or is wrong – we need people to speak up, in the moment. It is only by bringing these issues to light that we can begin to work together to solve them.

Your voice has the power to save lives. Visit to record your stories of healthcare harm and share your advice or insight to help others avoid harm. 

Write your story. Briefly describe your experience. Focus on sharing advice that will help others learn from what happened to you and avoid a similar situation