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Hales.jpgJody Hales is the Director of Quality Assurance & Risk for the Canadian Red Cross Community Health & Wellness programs. In this role, Jody is responsible for leading the development and implementation of strategies to reduce error and harm, strengthening a culture of safety, learning and continuous improvement.  Jody has over 30 years of experience working in diverse healthcare environments as a regulated health professional in the acute, long term care and community health sectors. Jody's healthcare journey has led her through many diverse experiences. However, it was a personal experience, navigating the healthcare system with her own family that inspired her strong drive for partnership, improvement and change – inspiring the voice of the client to be heard.  Jody is thrilled to have recently obtained her Canadian Risk Management designation. She is a Canadian Patient Safety Officer and is currently participating in the Canadian Homecare Association Safety Advisory Group and is a Leading Practice reviewer for Accreditation Canada.