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Avis Gray has an extensive career working in the public sector in the areas of population health, health prevention and promotion, social services and Indigenous Relations. She has held a number of leadership positions in Home Care, Primary Health and as an Area Director leading multi-disciplinary teams in health and social services.

Avis has also worked in a large corporation where she specialized in government relations. In addition, during her career, she has served as a consultant who specialized in strategic planning, citizen engagement, and exporting knowledge services. She also served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for 6 years.

Avis has a degree in Home Economics from the University of Manitoba. Her rural background, and experience in working in the north, rural and urban areas of Manitoba has provided a deep understanding of the scope and breadth of health care service delivery, the necessity for provincial policy and standards development, and quality assurance programming.

The Population Health Division includes responsibility for population and public health, licensing and compliance, the Chief Provincial Psychiatrist, quality and citizen experience, legislative unit, and indigenous and intergovernmental relations.

If asked what she would like to be described as: her reply is a proud farmer’s daughter, gardener, and lover of dogs”