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The World Health Organization has officially designated CPSI as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety and Patient Engagement to carry out activities in support of WHO programs internationally. Of the more than 800 WHO Collaborating Centres from 80 countries worldwide, including 31 from Canada, CPSI holds the distinction of being the only one in Canada with a focus on both patient safety and patient engagement.

Over the course of the next four years, CPSI will lend policy, strategic and technical advice and consultation on various WHO initiatives, as well as support for the development, adaptation, spread, and evaluation of patient safety tools and resources at a global level.

'Global action on patient safety' resolution passed at the World Health Assembly (May 25, 2019)

Member States meeting at the World Health Assembly committed to recognizing patient safety as a key health priority and to taking concerted action to reduce patient harm in healthcare settings. The World Health Assembly also endorsed the establishment of an annual World Patient Safety Day on September 17th. They called on the World Health Organization to provide technical support to countries to build national capacities to assess, measure and improve patient safety. They also requested a global patient safety action plan in consultation with countries and all relevant stakeholders, to improve and ensure patient safety globally.

This Global Action on Patient Safety resolution recognizes that patient and public engagement in improving patient safety are key. It urges Member States to partner with patients and the public in their efforts. As part of our mission as a WHO Collaborating Centre in Patient Safety and Patient Engagement, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Patients for Patient Safety Canada have and will continue to provide technical advice and consultation in the development of this resolution and other global initiatives.

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