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Patients for Patient Safety Canada HeART of HealthCAREFew Canadians understand what patient safety is  and even fewer know how to engage as partners  in care to ensure they and their loved ones have a safe healthcare journey.

Volunteer members of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, the patient-led program of Healthcare Excellence Canada and the Canadian arm of World Health Organization's (WHO) Patients for Patient Safety global network, have contributed their unique experiences and perspectives to patient safety efforts since 2006 impacting hundreds of patient safety policies, practices and programs.

Recognizing the unique power of art, the HeART of HealthCARE virtual art gallery aims to bring awareness about patient safety, explore the impact of preventable harm, and inspire healing and action.

Virtual Art Gallery

Many people react to art with curiosity, enjoyment, and stimulation. Art can be thought-provoking and therapeutic.  However, if you find it distressing, you may access resources here.

We hope your experience with the art gallery will inspire you to be a partner in your healthcare and mitigate preventable harm. Click here to access resources to help you and your loved ones have a safer care experience. Contact us at to let us know about your experience with the art gallery.

Caption for image: “Too Soon” by Kim Neudorf"Too Soon" by Kim Neudorf, Patients for Patient Safety Canada