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​​Hand Hygiene for Patient and Provider Safety in Canada

Hand Hygiene Logo.jpgImprove hand hygiene practices and compliance in your organization by participating in Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge! Use the tools and resources you find here to implement this important patient safety and quality improvement program.

Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge is an initiative of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

​​​​​​​Start making a difference!​

The Hand Hygiene Toolkit contains a number of tools and templates for supporting a wide variety of hand hygiene activities. The complete toolkit is available for order, and a number of tools or templates can also be downloaded and saved or printed:


Hand hygiene seems simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Learn more about how to improve hand hygiene in your organization with our broad range of resources.

We’ve included resources for everyone, from frontline care providers to patients to academics. Search worldwide resource links, read scholarly literature on hand hygiene, find videos and other additional materials, or get the facts about hand hygiene.​​​

Hand Hygiene: Working with Patients and Families

Ask, listen, talk. Good healthcare starts with good communication. The most important person to include in any conversation about the delivery of healthcare is the patient or, when the patient is unable to advocate on his or her own behalf, the patient’s family member or advocate.

If you are a patient or a healthcare provider who wants to ensure good communication with patients, please use the following materials and resources. They help patients understand the importance of hand hygiene in the delivery of safe, high-quality healthcare.

Education Module

Please note that effective March 31, 2017, the Hand Hygiene Education Module will no longer be accessible from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

The module will now be hosted by IPAC Canada​.

If you have any questions, please contact us at