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SEARCH: "I have a specific topic that I want information on—i.e. IV opioid administration."

  • Similar to any search engine, enter any search term or combination of terms into the text box and click on "Search GPSA"
  • Toggle between alerts and recommendations below the search box

    BROWSE: "I want to browse and scan alerts on a more general topic—i.e. falls or surgery."

    • Click on any listed category to scan through alerts and recommendations related to that category


    INQUIRE: "What is an alert or recommendation? How do you decide on what alerts are posted?"

    • Click on the Frequently Asked Questions button at the bottom of the homepage to see a list of commonly asked questions.
    • Click on the Contributing Organizations button at the bottom of the homepage to see a list of contributing organizations around the world who are willing to share their learnings and experience with patient safety incidents and patient safety improvement. Links to their websites are provided and you are encouraged to connect with them directly!

    CONTACT US: "I want to know more about what you offer."

    Contact for more information, presentation inquiries or detailed trends analysis.