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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Global Patient Safety EN.jpgShare and Learn about Patient Safety Risks around the World.

​​Global Patient Safety Alerts allows organizations around the world to share information about patient safety risks and effective ways to manage these risks and prevent harm. The goal is to help ensure that no one is caught without a solution to a problem others have already solved, and that no patient has to needlessly suffer harm as a result.


Using a web-based platform, Global Patient Safety Alerts is an online collection of indexed patient safety incidents (in the form of alerts and advisories), recognized by the World Health Organization and its member countries. It contains more than 1,400 alerts and more than 6,000 recommendations from 26 contributing organizations around the world. An application for iPhone, iPod, and iPad is now available, allowing access to the database directly from mobile devices.

Users can access valuable, evidence-informed solutions to help manage patient safety incidents in their organization and connect with others who have information to share. It also includes emerging and trending patient safety risks, quality improvement methodologies, and approaches to communicating risk from contributing organizations.

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