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Contributing organizations are healthcare organizations that have agreed to provide patient safety alerts, advisories and recommendations to Global Patient Safety Alerts with the aim to share information for others to learn from in order to improve patient safety. Our contributors are a global community of regional health authorities, governments, and not for profit organizations who are committed to promoting a culture of transparency and global learning in patient safety improvement. Are you ready to join them? Here's what you need to know:

Alert Inclusion Criteria

  1. Alert/Advisory is produced by an established healthcare organization
  2. Alert/Advisory is produced due to
    • a specific patient safety incident
    • an aggregate analysis of incidents
    • an identified risk that might lead to an incident
  3. Is not a drug or healthcare device recall
    • recalls are managed by product regulators such as Health Canada and the FDA
  4. Is available in English or French
  5. Must be de-identified and not include any recognizable patient identifiers
  6. Is publicly available
    • we post alert summaries and link to original alert/recommendation content on the contributor's websites to promote transparency in sharing learning for system improvement

Contribution Process


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