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The strategic direction for CPSI's bold, new mandate is based on its evolution and new thinking about  how to effect change. It has become clear that more robust commitments are required to advance patient safety in Canada. Health systems need evidence and support to complete end-to-end patient safety improvements – and then the tools to measure and evaluate the results.

Vision Statement:

Canada has the safest healthcare in the world

Mission Statement:

To inspire and advance a culture committed to sustained improvement for safer healthcare


Lead system strategies to ensure safe healthcare by demonstrating what works and strengthening commitment.

The Patient Safety Right Now strategy relies on two mutually-reinforcing key elements. Progress in one element highlights and defines further requirements in the other.

  1. Demonstrate What Works – We intend to research and deliver measurable, sustainable patient safety improvement practices that are regularly evaluated. These can then be introduced to committed healthcare jurisdictions.
  2. Strengthen Commitment – We will translate what works into standard practices at all levels of the healthcare system, seeking commitment to and expectations for patient safety in Canada. By doing so, further areas for improvement will be identified.

These two aspects of the strategy are mutually reinforcing. By working with partners to demonstrate and evaluate what works, we uncover the practices that should be built into policies, standards and regulations. By working to build a more robust commitment to patient safety through mechanisms such as system transparency and reporting, we identify pressing system needs that may require further testing of promising practices whose value and potential for standardization can be evaluated.