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CPSI Share                                                                      

  • Implement – Implement safety improvement projects in priority areas to demonstrate what works.
  • Evaluate – Embed evaluation in all CPSI activities to assemble evidence of what works.
  • Share with Purpose – Share evidence and improvement knowledge with the expectation that projects will be adopted.
  • Raise the Profile – Increase the public profile of patient safety to raise expectations for improvement among governments, the public and patients themselves.
  • Improve Transparency – Develop a comprehensive framework that addresses rights and obligations for transparency at all levels
  • Strengthen Commitment – Strengthen commitment to safe care through policy, regulation and accreditation 

Support is needed for successful implementation of measurable, sustainable patient safety improvement and initiatives need to be evaluated to demonstrate what works. The evidence of what works needs to be translated into standard practices for practitioners and providers at all levels of the health system, and shared with purpose to others to ensure uptake and spread. As part of raising the profile of these concerns, we intend to empower patient advocacy efforts.

These best practices can then be incorporated into a more robust and transparent system of commitment, responsibility and expectations for patient safety in Canada. Demonstrating what works and strengthening commitment requires a focus on participants and partners with concrete commitment to implementation and evaluation.

We will purposefully partner and build strategic alliances and networks with those that can influence and impact patient safety improvement, we will evaluate our activities and intentionally prepare and push knowledge and evidence to key audiences who can accelerate patient safety improvement and change, and we will meaningfully empower patients to champion safety improvement.