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​What if CPSI achieved our vision and Canada had the safest healthcare in the world? The reality is, we're far from it.

According to a July 2017 report from the Commonwealth Fund4, Canada's healthcare performance record ranks 9th out of 11 OECD countries.  This score reflects this country's poor healthcare performance indicators, which include quality and patient safety measures. CPSI's overall aim in support of our mission is that in 5 years, Canada will be in the top two or three countries on the OECD ranking related to quality and patient safety measures.

With Patient Safety Right Now in place, we intend to reduce medication errors by 50%. We will see common baseline measures for key patient safety issues, where both poor and exceptional performers in key areas will be identified. We will identify necessary practices and principles to sustain improvements in patient safety culture and increase patient involvement in their own care.

CPSI is committed to measuring our impact. We will establish performance targets for our strategy that enable us to monitor our progress, and the system's progress, against them. We will produce a formal logic model to articulate the new theory of change, describing the causal chain from CPSI's activities through to their intended outcomes. The logic model will inform the performance measurement framework that establishes the indicators to measure these intended outcomes.

CPSI will also develop the internal measurement and evaluation capacity to ensure that all programs are tracking their contribution to desired outcomes. CPSI will articulate the link between corporate and program objectives, so that measures are cascaded to all levels of the organization, and create the internal processes to ensure that all activities measure and evaluate their impact.

The logic model and performance measurement framework will be organized around the following lines of business which describe intended impacts for streams of CPSI's work.


4 E. C. Schneider, D. O. Sarnak, D. Squires, A. Shah, and M. M. Doty, Mirror, Mirror 2017: International Comparison Reflects Flaws and Opportunities for Better U.S. Healthcare, The Commonwealth Fund, July 2017