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Lines of Business

CPSI will align its business model to support Patient Safety Right Now: to demonstrate what works in patient safety and to strengthen commitment to reducing harm.

To do this, CPSI has described its lines of business. The lines of business provide a line of sight between the strategy and the activities that we plan and undertake. They answer the "why" question – why we do the work we do? – in a way that helps us to prioritize our actions and determine how to measure our impact. They provide a guiding framework that helps link the 2018-23 Business Plan, its annual Operational Plans, and CPSI's Performance Measurement Framework for the funding period.

CPSI's Lines of Business are:

  • Safety Improvement Projects – CPSI will work with committed partners to implement and evaluate measurable and sustainable safety improvement projects.
  • Making Patient Safety a Priority – CPSI will use the patient voice in reporting, campaigns and media to make patient safety a higher priority across healthcare systems.
  • Policy Impact – CPSI will influence policy, standards and regulations so that they incorporate the best patient safety evidence and practices.
  • Alliances and Networks – CPSI will create and strengthen alliances with patients, governments, industry and other partners who are committed to making care safer.