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CFHI and CPSI legally amalgamated on October 1, 2020. We look forward to introducing our new organization to you in the coming months, along with ways we can work together to improve quality and safety. While we complete this amalgamation journey, we will continue to operate as CPSI and CFHI.

Meet the amalgamated organization's board.

The Senior Leadership Team will also be posted soon.

Vision Statement:

Canada has the safest healthcare in the world

Mission Statement:

To inspire and advance a culture committed to sustained improvement for safer healthcare


Lead system strategies to ensure safe healthcare by demonstrating what works and strengthening commitment

Established by Health Canada in 2003, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) works with governments, health organizations, leaders, patients and healthcare providers to inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality.

All rights reserved. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) is a not-for-profit organization funded by Health Canada. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada.


In 2002 the National Steering Committee on Patient Safety published the report Building a Safer System.  The report outlined a national, integrated strategy for improving patient safety in the Canadian healthcare system which named establishing the Canadian Patient Safety Institute as its number one recommendation. As a result of this work, Health Canada supported the creation and the funding of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.   Read the report, Building a Safer System, to see where CPSI’s journey to create a safer healthcare system began.​