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The Surgical Safety Checklist and other surgical safety tools should be used in all operating rooms in Canada, all the time, for all patients. SSSL supports teams in implementing the checklist by building resources, partnerships, and support systems that will ensure the checklist becomes a sustainable standard of practice.

The checklist:

  • Adds patient safety value. All critical steps are completed for every patient, all the time, and the team is better able to prepare for potential complications or emergencies.
  • Is inexpensive and easy to use. Almost no cost and no sophisticated training is needed; only time and teamwork are required for adaptation and implementation.
  • Gives a voice to all members of the surgical team. The checklist compels them to introduce themselves and verbally communicate important aspects of the patient’s surgery.
  • Is easy to align with what you’re doing now and may do in the future. The checklist works well with other ongoing patient safety initiatives.

Download the Surgical Safety Checklist and other tools and start making changes in your organization.

​​Alberta Health Services (AHS) has obtained 95 per cent compliance in using the Safe Surgery Checklist. The Safe Surgery Checklist has been applied in 59 sites across Alberta; data was compiled...
March 31, 2015 
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