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​​​Date: March 3 & 4, 2011
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba


  • Not as Simple as it Sounds: Learning’s and Challenges of implementing an operating room checklist
  • Local examples and debate on improving the operating room environment using the checklist
  • How Positive Deviance might play a powerful role with complex behaviour change
  • Gain practical knowledge for success with Medication Reconciliation at transfer and discharge
  • Implementing fall prevention strategies – the challenge after assessment
  • Innovative ideas around change management, culture and physician engagement in healthcare
Session Presenter
  • Checklist Implementation in Ontario
  • Challenges and Successes
Dr. Giuseppe Papia
  • Effective Communication and Safety in the Operating Room
  • What Does it Look Like and Do We Really Have it?
  • Panel Discussion
Dr. Giuseppe Papia
Dr. Randy Guzman
Karen Murphy
Dr. Trevor Lee
Kary McCorrie
Nadine Volanski

Can Deviance be POSITIVE? - What is it and How Does it Work?

Katie Procter
Melissa Crump

Falls in Canada: the Evidence, the Effort and the Evolution
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

 Dr. Vicky Scott

CheckPoint: Where Are We with MedRec?  Check-In With Accreditation CanadaCross Country Checkup

Alice Watt
Greg Kennedy
Surgical Site Infection and the Operating Room Checklist Shirley Gobelle
Marlies van Dijk
What are People Saying Across the Country: Qualitative Interview Results! Cari Egan
Complex Change and the Myriad of Methods! Which one is right? Tanis Rollefstad
Katie Procter
Leading for Safety: Thoughts on Structure, Culture and Governance

Debbie Barnard
Working Session: A Sneak Preview to Global Alert System Erin Pollock

Breakout Sessions
Steps to Reduce Falls:
Assessment Tools and Interventions that Work!

Tandem Stand
Chair Stand Test
TUG Test
Overview of Projects

Dr. Vicky Scott

Go the Distance with MedRec 

Emerging Ideas and Success Stories To Keep You Going
Web-based Application for Transfer-Discharge
Joanne Thompson

Alice Watt
Nick Honcharik
Jo-Anne Thompson

Talk on Doc’s! Partners in Quality
An Incomplete Guide to Engaging Physicians into Quality Improvement

Dr. Bruce Roe
Marlies van Dijk
The Power of Culture: Where are We at and How Can We Influence it? Debbie Barnard


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