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Reducing Falls and Injury from Falls Intervention


Friday, November 21, 2014


Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Tilak Dutta

Dr. Tilak Dutta is a Scientist at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN and holds appointments at the University of Toronto in the Mechanical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science Departments. He leads the Technology R&D Team with the goal is to commercializing new products and inform policies to support successful aging at home by promoting mobility while preventing falls and back injuries in caregivers. The Technology Team has 25 talented individuals with specialties including clinicians, engineers, industrial designers, machinists and trainees. Dr. Dutta helped design and commission extensive prototyping and simulation laboratories at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute which facilitate the iterative design process required for efficient technology transfer.

  • Karen Ray

Karen Ray is a Knowledge Translation expert, and manager of the KT team within the Saint Elizabeth Research Centre. For the past two years, Mrs. Ray has had a secondment with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN to ensure that the home care research being conducted is relevant to the needs of caregivers and is translated back to home care organizations. She has an educational background in nursing, KT and research which allows her to understand the challenges associated with delivering care in the home and ways to investigate current gaps. Additionally, with over fifteen years of work experience at SE and home care, Karen works with TRI researchers and others to keep clients and their families safe at home.


  • Susan McNeill, Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario
  • Maryanne D’Arpino, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Hélène Riverin, French Language Support, Canadian Patient Safety Institute


  1. Introduction to the current shift to aging at home and safety considerations for this setting
  2. To describe why we need better tools to help older adults have more control in their lives
  3. To discuss the root causes of falls and inactivity and how to address each of them:
    • Need for better assistive devices including footwear
    • Stairs and handrails
    • Getting around the home and using the bathroom
    • Sidewalks
    • Peripheral neuropathy
    • Other balance problems