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Infection Prevention and Control


November 7th, 2014


  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Safer Healthcare Now!


Michael Gardam, MSc, MD, CM, MSc, CIC, FRCPC, is fiercely committed to patient safety. As Director of Infection Prevention and Control at the University Health Network since 2001, and former Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control at Public Health Ontario (2008 – 2010), Michael has devoted his career to discovering and uncovering new ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare settings and the community. He continues to champion patient safety as Physician Director of the Community and Hospital Infection Control Association Canada (CHICA); as the National Lead of infection control collaboratives for Safer Healthcare Now! and through his pioneering efforts in the use of the behavioral change approaches, including ‘Positive Deviance’ and ‘Front Line Ownership’ to prevent healthcare associated infections. Michael continues to lead safety improvement work using Front Line Ownership in Canada and the United States and has expanded its focus to include other patient safety challenges such as preventing patient falls, pressure ulcers, and medication reconciliation.​

Purpose of the Call:

Please join us at 12 EST November 7th as we learn more about Infection Prevention and Control in the Home Care and Long Term Care practice environments. Dr. Michael Gardam, our Safer Healthcare Now! IPAC faculty lead will:

  • Discuss infection control strategies in the home care and long term care sectors, with a special emphasis on hand hygiene
  • Explain why more traditional quality improvement strategies may not work for hand hygiene, and
  • Illustrate how front-line ownership can be used to bring about practice improvements.​


  • Carla Williams, Patient Safety Improvement Lead, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Hélène Riverin, French Language Support, Canadian Patient Safety Institute​