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Foster Frontline, Clincial Leadership for Quality and Safety

Checklist for Boards on Physician Engagement

(Developed by Dr. Chris Hayes, Medical Officer, Canadian Patient Safety Institute, in consultation with Steering Committee)

Function and Purpose:  What will we do?

  • Do you have an MD Director or physician leader(s) responsible for quality and safety at your organization?

  • What are processes by which a physician leader is selected?

  • Do they have a charter of roles and responsibilities?
    Are their accountability relationships clear?

Structure:  How should we be working together?

  • Does the physician leader receive organizational clinical performance data on quality and safety indicators?

  • Does the physician leader report regularly to the board?

Process:  How will we do what we set out to do?

  • How is the physician leader supported as a quality champion at our organization?

  • How can the physician leader lead other physicians within our organization?

Culture and Patterns of Behavior:  What are some 'simple rules’ of MD-Board relations?

  • Is the mission/vision of the organization guiding everything that we do?

What is the role of a Regional Physician Advisory Committee or Medical Advisory Committee?

  • Does a physician advisory committee review and respond to quality and safety data?

  • Does a physician advisory committee initiate or sponsor quality improvement activity and projects?

  • Does a physician advisory committee report to the board on quality and safety matters?

Work Collaboratively with Senior Leadership

Boards' Role in Discipline

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